A new way...

Mountain White Premium British made garments and accessories are sold via a unique offer-sell-make system, which we have developed whilst trying to alleviate some of the issues affecting the UK garment industry.

This system gives us an opportunity to listen to demand and focus our energy on making a great product, but it does require some understanding from the customer. At Mountain White we like to take a little more time, think of it like getting clothing made especially for you, bespoke and personal. 

Below details the reasons we are doing it differently, and how our system works. If you have any questions that are left unanswered by the information below then drop us an email, we would love to hear from you: info@mountainwhite.co.uk 


Mountain White A new way


Why would we do this?
Faster isn’t always better

Why is this better for you?
Higher quality product

What does “unaffected by the rest of your business” mean?
Premium at the right price

Dog Line? Woof!!
Waste less - get more!

Is it ethically better?
Lean mean and very green

Seasonal…we’re getting rid of that as well!
It makes sense to plug the gaps

Not for everyone
Great things take a little time…


 Mountain White why is this better?

Why would we do this?

We want to be a company that actively works toward making something good for the UK clothing industry. One that offers a genuine alternative to buying fast fashion products and creates a business model that opens doors to other people looking to change things. Just because there is already a way to do something, doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

If we can eliminate some of the issues with the garment trade that affect small companies, making it almost impossible for new designers to get started, just by offering an alternative view - then we’re happy! All the best innovations disrupt the status quo – help us shake it up a little and create something new.

Mountain White Better for you?

Why is this better for you?

Although this way means we can’t compete with the large online retailers of the world, it does mean that we can put more into our products to be able to compete on a quality level.

Our system is designed to make the garments come first, meaning that you receive a garment unaffected by the rest of our business where each run is perfectly calculated to make the very best product, with the very best materials, right here in the UK.

Besides, waiting is essential to life. Instant gratification is short lived.

Mountain White our business

What do your mean by “unaffected by the rest of your business”?

We mean the garment industry is riddled with issues that make it very hard to produce high quality products on a large scale, while keeping the price to the customer at a reasonable level. Sure, the garment trade would be easy if we could charge £1,000 for a T-Shirt, but who wants to pay that!

When a company produces a new line they have to make an educated guess on the quantity needed to fulfil their expected orders, knowing full well they won’t all be sold, in the short seasonal period they were offered.

They then have to balance it out to understand what materials they can use, at the correct price to complete the run. This is where it could affect the garment, as it’s not feasible to produce less products and keep quality high if you're trying to reach your expected demand without driving the retail pricing up. In order to fulfil their expected demand, the quality of materials used is often dropped in order to maintain retail pricing.


For a company trying to launch and sell a product in a short seasonal period, a lot of investment is needed to ensure enough exposure is reached to sell the product - this all adds price to the garment, a price you pay...


Our new way of thinking puts the power back on the right side of the scale to produce high quality products at reasonable prices. We order exactly what we need, for a product that is already sold, no waste and hence no backward mathematics to start juggling about the overall pricing.


Mountain White no more dog lines

Dog Lines.

A dog line is an industry term for a collection of garments that didn't sell,  maybe the colours were wrong or the style wasn't right.

The mad part is most companies plan for this and just because they do, doesn’t mean it should be accepted as the norm.

Why would we plan to produce a product that wont sell? It’s a massive drain on resources, wasting time, money and effort for something which ultimately could affect the business and future products. We don't…so we wont.

Our new way completely eliminates the dog line issue, as we make only what we need…Boom! Gone. The only dogs we want in ours lives are the waggy variety.


Mountain White Ethically better

Is it ethically better?

We have created a British made business so that we can understand at every step of the way the processes required to make our products, so that we are able to exist as a business that doesn’t affect other people.

Yes, we could produce all of our garments overseas for a fraction of the price, from some pretty reputable companies, but the workers in some of those factories are getting paid less than most peoples monthly coffee budget. We don't want to get involved, there is another way to produce clothing, it's harder, more expensive and even harder to get going…we took that route.

So yes, in our eyes making a business model that uses less, wastes less, is super efficient, incredibly productive, doesn’t affect anyone AND produces a very high quality product is far more ethical…it’s obvious right?

Mountain White no more seasonal

Seasonal…we’re getting rid of that as well!

Yes, we will make garments suitable for winter and summer, but we are not going to launch collections when everyone else does. We will launch small lines, very often.

One of the main issues with seasonal shopping is the knock-on effect this has on the factory capacity. Factories spend more than 60% of their time running under full capacity and 40% totally stacked trying to deal with the seasonal demand. This causes issues with hiring and employing skilled workers. Factories want and need great staff, and they want those staff to love their job, it's hard for them to offer job security with the current fluctuations in capacity.

Seasonal demand makes manufacturing clothing a very tough business. So we’re going to try and change it…by ordering all year round.

It means that as long as we have demand for our product we will continue to release new products, so sign up or keep checking the website for the new launches - they will come and go quick!

Mountain White not for everyone

Not for everyone

We understand this model isn’t for everyone and won't work if you’re rushing to find that new outfit, but we hope to build a new way of thinking and hopefully a new way of shopping – a cost effective, super efficient, highly productive way of building a business and creating great products.

We're not trying to alienate anyone, but we are trying to do something different - for us the old way wasn't working, something has to give.

Mountain White join our team

Join us!

In today's market we must keep innovating to stay alive, this means inventing new things, new ideas and pushing new ways of working. Mountain White is an exciting place to work, we embrace change and actively encourage thinking outside of the proverbial box.

If you like what we’re doing, get involved - we're always looking for new people so drop us an email.

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