So after posing the question why does Mountain White exists, I guess I had better answer it.

The short answer is a creative fascination, the idea of bringing an idea from your head into real life is a buzz. It must be the same for anyone creating anything, there is literally nothing quite like releasing a design in real life. To see and feel it, in our case wear it for the first time... Did it work, whats right, whats wrong... it's a great feeling and that's only the first part, the real kicker is when a lovely customer puts their hand in pocket, to pull out some hard earned cash to purchase it, wear it, love it, enjoy it... it makes the time spent making it each garment prefect, sooo very worth it.

I think some designers feel they are owed something by the customer, they speak with a level of arrogance about their "art" giving this, I have designed! Behold my genius!! Vibe...

I want our customers to know that the effort we put into the products its to make them the best they can be, so that when money exchanges hands there is no doubt your buying a great product...and that's it. Money well spent is the feeling I want all our customers to walk away with... that's my goal.

Mountain White exists as a vehicle to make great product...

Pic is in my office - working on the next years winter line!

Speak soon cheers