The True Cost: A very important documentary
For us at Mountain White we source and manufacture in UK to help us control what we put into our products at all levels. We cannot advocate adventure and try to inspire others knowing that our products are made a some level in an unsustainable or unethical way.
2 years ago when we started to put Mountain White together, this a was a clear cut decision and although as it stands it is easier and cheaper to have products made on the other side of world than it is to make them in the UK, we simply could not bring ourselves to do it.
Our adventure has been putting a brand together, sourcing materials and working with some of the UK's amazing producers to understand at all levels what it takes and costs to produce the materials and garments we required.
Now after some incredibly hard work, we have a full line of sustainable, premium quality, low impact garments, and business model that works and this movie sums up exactly why we did it.